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Duomatic for iPhone & iPad

The double exposure machine that lets you make and save double exposures by combining images from your camera or photo library.


Duomatic's pretty easy to use, just choose photos from your camera roll or take new photos with your camera, then adjust the mix of your double exposure, develop, and tap done to save your double exposure to your camera roll.

Choosing a photo with Duomatic

Choose photos from your camera roll or take new photos with your camera

Choose the two images you want to combine. You can choose the images from photos you already have on your phone by tapping the photo roll icon, or take a new image with your camera by tapping the camera icon.

Enlarging and repositioning a photo with Duomatic

Enlarge and reposition your photos

Enlarge an image by double tapping a preview image, or by tapping and holding down on a preview image. Once an image is enlarged, tap it again and drag it around to reposition the image in the double exposure. If you want to go back to the way it was, simple tap and hold down on the preview image again and it will go back to normal.

Adjusting the mix with Duomatic

Adjust the mix of your double exposure

Drag the slider horizontally to adjust the mix of your double exposure.

Developing a photo with Duomatic

Develop your double exposure

Once you're happy with the way your double exposure looks, tap the button at the bottom-right to develop your double exposure { it can take up to a few seconds to develop }.

Save a photo with Duomatic

Tap done and your double exposure saves to your camera roll

Et Voila! check out your double exposure in all it's glory. Tap done and your double exposure is automatically saved and you're ready to make another.


Email help@duomatic-app.com if you want help with anything or have an idea to make Duomatic better. You can also contact and follow Duomatic on
twitter: @DuomaticApp.